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Sep 8, 2011 6:00am EDT
quote balancing. they do this without the use of any tools. they invite us to give it a try. must take a lot of patience.
Sep 9, 2011 11:52pm PDT
to be there for a long time. ahead of the workers and families, we ask that you support us. we appreciate your time. >> we want to support them, i'd go there most all the time. our vide[unintelligible] they said it is a most beautiful place that had beautiful atmosphere, pleasant atmosphere. my friends' kids came to san francisco. they went there and they said that they love it. so please, consider this business. i love it myself. thank you. president olague: is there additional public comment? we have no more speakers cards. >> thank you for this opportunity. i am a member of mission council. i understand redevelopment and importance to the city. i live in the same house i grew up with. this is a history of acceptance. they have accepted us and we have accepted them. there are over 50 people employed, half are latino. the buddhist community is not interactive with us, and if you look at the people that show up, it is not averse. we are hearing a lot about diversity. look in the mirror. he has bent over backwards, shortened to the back, put up barriers people were able to meditate. that type of ext
Sep 8, 2011 4:22pm PDT
this incompatible use. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am here to speak in support of the project. as a long-time resident, i have seen the commission transform from the miracle mile that it used to be to a desolate concrete jungle that was plagued by gang violence and prostitution. since he has come into the neighborhood and has created this amazing business has been active and connected in every aspect of the community. he has bet a responsible individual and has created so much opportunity. as someone who was born here, it is not something you see, people having that ability to do so doing so. he has been an amazing partner in this community. i think we need to look at the future of mission street as a transit corridor. these are the types of businesses that we should have here. we should make mission street a lively street again. it should be the miracle mile that what used to be. we have to make it an opportunity where people can come and congregate. they should not have to leave the neighborhood to be part of what is the san francisco. i think this is an opportunity you have before you
Sep 24, 2011 8:00pm PDT
access it in the office but from home because we use the internet. what we used to do was carry the large maps and it took a long time to find the information. >> it saves the city time and money. you are not taking up the time of a particular employee at the assessor's office. you might be doing things more efficient. >> they have it ready to go and say, this is what i want. >> they are finding the same things happening on the phone where people call in and ask, how do i find this information? we say, go to this website and they go and get the information easily. >> a picture tells a thousand stories. some say a map ♪ ♪ >> ♪ o! say can you see by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, o'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? and the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there o! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? ♪ >> please be
Sep 21, 2011 11:00am PDT
with us that i would like to acknowledge. i would like to knowledge congresswoman nancy pelosi. she has joined us. she is needed back in d.c. for the 9/11 celebration. she wanted to take time today to be with us to share in this day and remember this with her city. remember this -- she wanted to take time to share in this day of remembering with her city. mayor lee is with us today. we would be remiss in not giving a special in allahu -- acknowledgment to former mayor willie brown whose strong and steady leadership, the strong leadership of the mayors of the city's got us through a difficult time. we thank you very much for that, mr. brown. we also have with us today district attorney george gascon. we appreciate your being with us. we have supervisor emeritus sean elsbernd. the treasurer of the city and county of san francisco is here today. we also have my predecessor at the poa, chris cuddy. we have the u.s. attorney here, i believe. melinda haig, we really appreciate you being here to share this special day with us. also joining us on the podium is the chief of police, the fire chie
Sep 28, 2011 11:00am PDT
, dignitaries, elected officials, for joining us today on this solemn occasion in this very solemn weekend of remembrance of one of the worst and tragic events in the history of our country. so we wanted to make this quick. we wanted to make it respectful, and we wanted to make it a very solemn occasion, which i think is the way it should be treated. the first thing that we're going to do here today, i know i asked everybody to sit down, but i will ask you to stand up again to observe a moment of silence for all of those that lost their lives on 9/11. >> thank you. years ago, in the san francisco fire department, when a firefighter was killed in the line of duty, bells are rung nine times at each fire house throughout the city. this was known as the chaplains call. in honor of this tradition, firefighter gregory ginatti will now ring the bell nine times for the firefighters and police officers who gave their lives on 9/11. [bell rings nine times] >> thank you, greg. now for the invocation. i would like to introduce father john green, chaplain of the san francisco firefighters, and the chap
Sep 3, 2011 6:30pm EDT
. we also have james elles. also joining us this kim hart of politico, one of our regulars. tell us why you are in town this week, mr. elles? >> i and a number of my colleagues are here to engage with our american counterparts on a number of key issues which we think will be critical for our picture of how the trans- atlantic economy can be competitive in the feature of dealing with financial convergence, the debts and deficits problem on both sides of the atlantic, all these subjects where we hope by the end of the week to have a number of good ideas which we can deepen over the months ahead. >> marietje schaake, overall, how does the eu approach telecommunications policy with 27 member nations, and how is it different from how the u.s. approaches telecommunications policy, in your view? >> one of our main challenges is to make sure that you are a of the digital market gets harmonized. both friends and critics of the e you think a harmonized market has brought us a lot of stability and help the economy overall, but online is not the same. the fragmentation of fight in your oppose the d
Sep 24, 2011 8:30am PDT
department, real-estate department, a multitude of some 14 departments, that will have the chance to use these trucks and the way in which they operate. the very essence of city fleet operations. so i want to thank chrysler for allowing sanfrancisco to experiment with our department of energy, and also while we are experimenting with this, we have uc-davis as a partner. we have the director of our plugged in demonstration project. working together with the transportation electrification institute here. with their corporations, getting the data about how these vehicles are used, how they are tested, whether they can go up hills as efficiently, bringing up the cargo and animals and tool that dpw will use, various departments inspecting buildings, streets, all of the different uses for a city fleet, all on the dime of the department of energy because they want to see these the electric vehicle properly used, the way that we use our fleet generally now. ali, they will be replacing the fleet that we are using now and saving that money. and then do what i do, i keep in mind -- i do not ever wa
Sep 19, 2011 2:50am EDT
pounds using sensa. >> i've lost 62 pounds. >> i've lost 42 pounds. >> i lost 31 pounds. >> i've lost 42 pounds. >> 41 pounds. >> 75 pounds. >> 45 pounds. >> 42 pounds. >> 20 pounds. >> 25 pounds. >> 50 pounds. >> 30 pounds. >> 64 pounds. >> 39 pounds. >> 36 pounds. >> 28 pounds. >> 20 pounds. >> 120 pounds. >> 22 pounds. >> 26 pounds. >> 12 pounds. >> 25 pounds. >> 34 pounds. >> 45 pounds. >> i lost 38 pounds. >> 28-1/2 pounds with sensa. >> i lost 93 pounds with sensa. >> announcer: if you think sensa sounds too good to be true, you'll have 30 days to try sensa at home for yourself. that's right-- call now and thanks to this introductory television offer, you can try sensa for 30 days for only $9.95. and, for a limited time, we'll even ship it free. it's our exclusive 30-day "try it before you buy it" trial offer. you're guaranteed to start losing the weight you want or simply return it and your credit card won't be charged a penny more. and if that's not enough, if you call right now, you can receive a free upgrade to rush processing and a supply of our brand-new sensa slims, the revo
Sep 3, 2011 10:40pm EDT
're talking about the work of the association, the issues the are important to us -- black me n and boys. the issues related to health and education, criminal justice. because what we want to do is build an army that can even after the 2012 election help us in fights at the state and local levels, build our membership and our power. next, convention in houston. we will have a strict focused through the election on voter turnout. this fall, as derrick mentioned, will ask each of our state conferences to said aside time for plenaries and training on all of this, but to begin with voter registration. next spring at regional training, we will have conferences in every region next year, brothers and sisters, we will train on dotv and election protection as we move to next year's launch of our tv efforts. each unit is going to be responsible for developing a civic engagement plan with clear, measurable, and realistic goals. if i stay clear? -- everybody's a clear, measurable, realistic goals. let's talk about realistic. if he can only register 50 people, please tell us you will only register 5
Sep 24, 2011 8:30pm PDT
for us. for all those who responded to 9/11, that is why the president signed the health and composition at to secure the health and well-being of those who cleaned up at ground zero after 9/11. it is by the light of their example that americans joined in a national day of service and remembrance to mark this anniversary. i commend our first responders here for making this second saturday in september a day of service. it happens to coincide this year with the eve of 9/11. earlier this year, members of congress and people from across the country -- we had the privilege to help stitch the flag that flew over ground zero on that fateful day. some people decided they would have the flag for the country. everyplace it went, it was mended with portions of other flags, with fragments of our history. for those of us who have the privilege of stitching the fly, included blue threads from the flag that cover the body of abraham lincoln after he was assassinated. that was another great tragedy that befell our nation. think of it, been unified across the generations, across the country, across comm
Sep 10, 2011 6:30pm EDT
of emergency management services in arlington county, virginia. tell us first of all your experience on 9/11 and then the ability of your emergency communications. >> on 9/11, i was the assistant fire rescue chief in loudon county, virginia. i have returned about five years earlier from fairfax county, where i spent almost 30 years in the fire rescue department there. and 9/11, all the area of fire and rescue departments participated in one way or another at the events at the pentagon, either by responding to the scene at the request of the arlington fire department or in filling in at their stations. early in the afternoon on 9/11, a crew of firefighters and myself were assigned to one of the arlington fire stations and we were subsequently asked to come down to the incident site and work for assistant chief schwartz at the time, now or fire chief. i became a planning section chief working for cheap schwartz, developing plans and working with logistics and doing a lot of these work that needed to be done. >> as 9/11 wasn't folded, particularly at the pentagon, what was the ability of the
Sep 28, 2011 11:30am PDT
. for those of us who have the privilege of stitching the fly, included blue threads from the flag that cover the body of abraham lincoln after he was assassinated. that was another great tragedy that befell our nation. think of it, been unified across the generations, across the country, across communities, by this flag. when i saw the blue threads from abraham lincoln's memorial flag, i was reminded of the speech he made early on where he talked about the silent artillery of time. for the families, friends, and loved ones of those who died on 9/11, may be silent artillery of time help to diminish their pain and grief. but time will never diminish the respect we have for the memory of those who perished and those who came to their rescue. 10 years ago, we lost many people. today and in the future, we will never forget them. that is for sure. the tragedy of september 11 will always be emblazoned in the hearts, minds, and on the character of america. i join our chaplain in invoking god's blessing on the memory of those we lost. may god bless our first responders, all of you and those who serve
Sep 21, 2011 6:00am PDT
i believe. melinda haig, we really appreciate you being here to share this special day with us. also joining us on the podium is the chief of police, the fire chief is here as well. i got a call yesterday from governor brown who could not be here. he wanted to be here. this is the city that mr. brown came from. he wanted to be here, but duties in sacramento on the 9/11 weekend kept him busy. our first speaker today -- i am honored and proud to introduce the mayor of san francisco, edwin lee. [applause] >> good morning. it is my personal honor to join you to commemorate 9/11 from our police, fire, paramedics, volunteers coming to grips citizens of san francisco. a decade after the terrorist attacks that occurred on september 11, we continue the struggle to make sense of the terrible events of that day. san francisco is more than 3,000 miles away from the attacks. we felt the devastation and loss keenly here in the city. we will continue to remember and honor those who perished. it is important to me and the people of san francisco that we remember and honor the fallen, including
Sep 8, 2011 4:52pm PDT
at? we have no way to judge at this point what most commercial uses really means. if someone came to us with a commercial use above the second level that happened to be something, they could argue that it follows that most commercial uses are prohibited. how do we know that is okay or not ok? it describes the neighborhood commercial district. it is followed by the actual table that sets forth the prescriptive controls for the district. while it says most commercial uses are prohibited, it goes on to say that you can have an outdoor activity area. it is no way limited by level. commissioner moore: excuse me. on the code discussion with the zoning administrator, my question to you is that there is a complete misunderstanding of what happens between the ground floor and all of the other stores above it. it has been a description of previous approvals that deal with a hotel occupancies and residential units as these have disappeared. have they been satisfied someplace else? >> those other uses have not disappeared and it is a requirement that they maintain the minimum of open space us
Sep 9, 2011 9:22pm PDT
as possible. our plan makes parts of all kinds it permitted use everywhere. on community-and building, we have a vision that folsom st. would become a neighborhood shopping district. that is the one element of the traditional residential neighborhood that west soma does not presently have. because our plan provides a very substantial -- for a very substantial increase in the residential population with new housing development, that is an important goal to make it a good neighborhood for the residen ts. the tools are to allow a more flexible commercial district along folsom than is otherwise possible. again, paul can describe it in detail, but it includes, for example, a small hotel would be allowed. another key feature of the plan for the residents is we are incorporating the eastern neighborhood's community benefit fee system. we think that is a good system. we know you went through a lot of trouble to figure it out with the eastern neighborhoods, and we're basically adopting it. we think the one key adjustment to it is to allow projects, large projects, projects over a half acre in lot size,
Sep 23, 2011 11:00am PDT
on what 9/11 means for all of us and to take to heart president obama's call to us to come together in the spirit of service and unity. there are many events in san francisco on september 11 that helpless to do that while we honor the victims and celebrate the service and heroism of our first responders and military personnel. one such way is to commemorate the day with a peaceful and unifying nature of music. the san francisco opera and intra-based council will host a special free concert in golden gate park. there will be a day of service where we will participate in volunteer projects throughout our city. another way we can remember and honor the tragic events of 10 years ago is to make sure that our city, the families, and individuals are prepared for emergencies whether man-made or natural disasters. september marks national prepared this month -- prepared ness month. the city website stands ready to assist you in making a family plan, building a disaster kit, or getting volunteer training. san francisco has greatly improved its ability to prepare for, respond to emergencies. t
Sep 26, 2011 8:00am PDT
. what could this possibly be used for? we have with us today, david green, senior electrical inspector who is a good friend of mine and a well-known sailor on the san francisco bay. you're going to sail this saturday. and mr. lloyd and mrs. lloyd. thanks for letting us come in here. really appreciate it. you're an electrical contractor, too. right? >> i'm electrical for 26 years. we do lots of big projects. we dot lots of industrial and commercial and residential. >> so you have to get a california special license. you have to be a special licensee to do electrical what is that license? >> yes. i have a c-10 licen and b license. >> b is a general contractor's license. >> yes. more interesting for me, i do a lot of c-10 for electrical. >> about three, four years ago you opened up a supply house. >> we opened e & e electric for around five years. >> you don't have so many guys out on the field any more. >> no more. i just have a lot of contractors. they come in for a lot of questions about national code. so if i understand, i tell them whatever i know. my knowledge. >> i think it's actua
Sep 29, 2011 12:30pm PDT
car. then you can see that schoolchildren use the bicycle very frequently for education. and still businessmen use the car a lot. and social recreational reasons. a reason for using the bike and shopping. we like to go shopping on our bikes. come to that later. and when it comes to gender. who's using the bicycle. i'm told that the netherlands is very typical on this. we have more women on bikes then -- than men. and the most intense users are girls from the age of 12 to 18 and that's easy to explain because i once was a girl of that age and to me, mabika was my ticket to freedom. i didn't want my mom and dad bringing me by car somewhere and then say well, i'll pick you up at 6:00. i go on my bike and i'll try to make it at 6:00. most of the time i was there. 6:30. and then later you can see at all ages, women still use the bicycle more than then -- men, in their 30's to 50's. and how far do they go? still, the girls are top of this list and they use the bicycle for seven kilometers per day. and then you can see that it goes down fast but still, oh, here men are cycling further. so
Sep 5, 2011 6:30pm PDT
. at this point we'll move towards adjournment. again, thank you very much for having us here tonight and i would like to see a bigger crowd next time but thank you, everybody. you should come see us every wednesday nuth. >> do we have a motion for ajoufment? >> a motion to adjourn. >> we have a motion to adjourn? >> thank you. >> welcome. i am the senior vice president of human resources and corporate real-estate, and i am really delighted to welcome the honorable edwin lee, mayor of san francisco. we have a number of employees who work here. everybody, welcome. we are delighted that you have come to see our office space, and we also have some good news to announce. with that, i would like to give callback the microphone to share some of that good news. [applause] >> good morning, everybody. thanks so much for being here. i, too, would like to extend my gratitude to the honorable edwin lee. thanks so much for coming. hopefully, you got a small chance to look around. the gallery was really built for to the we will purposes. one was to showcase the work of the customers, which is the best way [ina
Sep 13, 2011 9:52am PDT
, and it has carried us to our destination. have you ever wondered how elevators were -- work? we check out the need outside the elevator using current technology and we learn about the latest destination elevated technology all here in san francisco. we will also visit the machinery where all the behind- the-scenes gears control these incredible machines. we are very fortunate today to have an expert with those who is going to walk us are around elevators in san francisco. can you tell us about the history of elevators in san francisco? the measure -- >> sure. the history of elevator technology evolves with the city. first elevators were installed for moving materials in the 1860's. in the 1870's, the first passenger elevator was installed, and that allowed building heights to go up to about seven floors. starting in the 18 eighties, 1890's, the first electric elevators were installed. that allowed for buildings to go up even higher, even more than 10 floors, and those were the first elevators that became representative of what we consider modern elevators today. >> so the height of buildi
Sep 11, 2011 12:00pm EDT
national correspondent rebecca cooper. >> thank you for joining us for a look at business and finance issues here in the washington region. we are observing the anniversary of the attack of september 11, 2001. in the years since the national capital region has spent billions of dollars to try to be prepared for the next attack. what should your business do? a warning of a possible bomb targeting washington and new york, another reminder tha terrorism readiness is a necessity in a region. barry scanlon is the president of witt associates, and one of his top jobs is overseeing a public-private partnership to build disaster resistant communities. welcome and thank you for joining us. what is a disaster-resistant community? >> it is a public-private partnership with citizens, government, and the public prate-sector to make sure communities are prepared and ready to respond when any hazard happens. make sure the businesses are open, the schools are open, so they are taking steps like training mitigation -- >> let's look at washington and. you have got cities across the country that have to
Sep 11, 2011 6:00pm EDT
it home. there have been terrorist activity in the past, but nothing quite so rough. it made us realize and change the world that day. my twins were two years old at the time. that morning, i was in patton, pa.. i went and sat with the mayor in the afternoon. we watched as the day unfolded with the analysis of what happened. we were sitting in his office watching tv trying to figure out what had gone on. i went home and gave my kids a hug and told them that our lives had just changed. we have to be ready for it. 10 years later, you look back and say, what has all this meant? i think back to what the people on flight 93 must have been thinking. many of us have grown up hearing that if your plan is ever hijacked, sit down and be quiet. it will work out. they just want money or something. the realization these folks havd when they realized this plane had no good intentions and of the was no tomorrow, they stood up and took action. it amazes me. president clinton mentioned yesterday activity in years past. it was always a military action, not civilians, not citizens who said that we have to
Sep 11, 2011 8:00am PDT
>>> a dermatologist tells you how to have cancer free skin. >>> tiffany tells us what made her shift gears to making films. that's on bay area focus, next. woman: i remember the moment. -i'll never forget that moment. woman: that changed my life. man: at that moment, it hit me -- this is why i joined the guard. we're soldiers, always ready to protect our country, but we've also got communities -- family, friends, neighbors -- who count on us. i couldn't believe it. i just saved a life. somebody from my hometown. announcer: see what it means to be a citizen-soldier, at >>> welcome to the show. as we walk on egg shells over the national debt, projects that previously had government blessings may now be cut. how safe is the 43 billion- dollar high speed rail? it's the shovel-ready project to connects the states north and south. for an update, we welcome back head of transportation. welcome back. >> nice to be here. >> are you smiling? are you nervous? what's going on? they're ready to cut things left and right. >> why would you cut back something that creates 2
Sep 17, 2011 8:00pm PDT
these and other victims and first responders, we should take time to reflect on what 9/11 means for all of us and to take to heart president barack obama's call to come together in the spirit of service and unity. there are many events in san francisco, from sporting events to festivals and other community events today, that help us do that while we honor the victims and celebrate the service and heroism of our first responders and military personnel. one such way to commemorate the day with peaceful and unifying nature of music at today's event. earlier this morning, i enjoyed over 500 volunteers with the interfaith council at the hands of the bay -- hands on the bay area. another weekend remember and honor the tragic events 10 years ago is to make sure that the city, it's families and individuals, we are prepared for emergencies, whether man-made or natural disasters. september marks the national prepared this month, and the city's website stands ready to assist you with your making a family emergency plan, building a disaster could, or need voluntary training. since september 1
Sep 14, 2011 8:52am PDT
schools, or i do not think any of us would have thought about the importance of providing free muni you have shown tremendous leadership. you represent the diversity of san francisco. you represent our neighborhoods and every corner of our city. you inspire us. when you are able to come together, it signals to us, the adults of city hall, that we also have to come together. we have to work together. she is excited as well. [laughter] i want to tell you to keep on fighting and in part in the wisdom -- imparting wisdom you can see through your eyes as we're deliberating here. i look forward sunday to working on the campaigns of some of you here -- someday to working on the campaigns of some of you here. i look forward to working with you as you head up our city departments, non-profits, companies, and this great city of san francisco. thank you and congratulations. [applause] >> you have touched on many aspects of your work as commissioners. you have acknowledged your family's supporting you as well. i want to say thank you for your service. thank you for taking on this leadership role. i
Sep 21, 2011 6:00am PDT
the country wasted no time leaving it as soon as they were officially bailed out. mohammed jamjoom joining us with the latest. mo? >> well, carol, we heard from u.s. official that josh fattal and shane bauer have been released from a prison there, but we're also hearing they're still in the prison. our sources in iran say they don't actually know if they left evin prison yet. imany official a a ay officials make sure they are free. released a statement by press tv that their detention sentence has been commuted and they have been released on bail, a lot of speculation is once they are released, they will head to iman. . the reason there is that speculation is it played a part in securing the release of sarah shourd, the third american hiker who was released last september. om omani government officials aren't confirming this. they did go into the prison earlier today and we're awaiting word when and if they will leave the country and in fact, they will be headed to muscat, oman. >> if you wanted to look at the politics behind all that and look at the relationship between oman and the u.s. moh
Sep 10, 2011 8:22am PDT
. this is what separates us, as a democratic society, from other less democratic societies. and i am so proud of us for what we are about to do today. so with that, colleagues, thank you for being part of this historic moment. >> the supervisor campos? there are 10 ayes, one no. [applause] >> the motion for edwin lee passes. [applause] >> you are talking to one of the happiest people in san francisco. this was an extraordinary an historic vote. but it was symbolic. remember, the new board of supervisors who convenes tomorrow will make the actual decision on who the next mayor will be. >> everybody came down to ed lee with the expectation that it will be done in the most intellectually honest way and in a way that role and order is respected. i think we discussed a few nominations and came down to this one by a common denominator. >> i had a sense of urgency because i did not want to see anyone being acting mayor in the presence of the board of supervisors. that is not the kind of transition i talked about. we need to have a transition -- legislative branch separate from the executive branch o
Sep 2, 2011 1:30pm PDT
trust doctrine is basically a doctrine of uses that are supported by public trust lands. generally limited to those uses that are water-related or dependent. such as commerce fisheries and navigation, environment of preservation and recreation, habitat wildlife refuges, or open space, and then uses the promote public trust uses or accommodate the public uses of public land. we hold these lands not just for the people of the city and county of san francisco, but for the people of the state. one of the uses that this permit is visitor uses. this would be hotel, restaurant uses. people around the state could come to san francisco and enjoy the lands that we hold in trust for them. a bit of background about pier 70. a 60-acre site. it has been in continuous use for ship repair and shipbuilding for 150 years. portions of the site have. not many people know that the federal government owned this site until 1967. it was a base closure before the concept of base closures. port staff undertook a several years long master planning process with the vision to create an historic district that c
Sep 21, 2011 5:30am PDT
in a movement that has pushed neighborhoods and low-income communities directly central in our land use and planning process, processes that had eluded our average citizens for so long. we continue in our discussion about the use of our land and who are city is for. eric has been one of the central voices in all that. i am proud to be in a movement in which deryk calls his family. i wanted to speak on behalf of my office. there has been entered -- eric has mentored several. i celebrate his life and his work, and we have to honor that by continuing this year. i think we can all say that his impact is felt and we see it everyday in our city. thank you. president chiu: supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos: i have a voicemail message from eric from february of this year. to the very end, even in the amount of pain he was living in, he had such a coat and such drive -- had such hope and such drive. there was a community of powerful women, powerful man, people committed to social justice. that belief in a better world i think is what drove him and made him just incredible person he was. i can
Sep 5, 2011 1:00am PDT
family we have seen. >> give us a chance. >> thank you for sharing your skills. >> thank you for having me on. . >>> i'm zain verjee. afghan plans to attack libyan forces. libya's new leaders have given gadhafi loyalists to surrender on saturday or face more force. >>> this is the third time mubarak is in court. he faces charges as well as his two sons faces charges on corruption. >>> the storm swept across the country in japan with record rainfall causing land slides and flooding. 56 others are still unaccounted for. >>> a shark killed a body border on the west coast on sunday. the beach has been closed since the attack in australia. it is the first fatal shark attack in australia since february. those are the top stories from cnn. world business today starts now. >>> good morning from london. i'm charles hartson. >> give from hong kong. i'm andrew stevens. the top stories today this monday, the 5th of september. >> markets tumble as the jobs report is released. >>> dominique strauss-kahn is back on french soil. what does the public make of his return? >>> and it's been a bumpy ride fo
Sep 22, 2011 12:30am PDT
the execution of troy davis and the u.s. >> china protests plans to upgrade taiwan's's f-16 fighter planes. reunited with friends and family, to americans charged with espionage have been released from iran. >> broadcasting on pbs in america and around the world, this is "newsday." the deat>>> hello, and welcome. president obama has met with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas in new york, where the palestinians are seeking full u.n. membership. the white house says mr. obama has reiterated the u.s. opposition to the palestinian move and told president ossi would veto it. -- and told president mahmoud abbas that he would veto it. >> middle east diplomacy transferred to new york, starling traffic. it still seems unable to match the big challenges of a conflict that is looking dangerous. >> it is time for us to say, not on our watch! >> israel is keeping the pressure on the obama administration to veto any application by the palestinians to the u.n. membership. and pro palestinians pushing for a seat at the un as a giant step towards independence. even with the prospect of an american vdot, the
Sep 26, 2011 11:00pm PDT
of an election using ranked choice of voting. in this example, we have three candidates. candidate a, b, and c. after all the first choice votes are counted, none of the three candidates has received more than 50%, or a majority of the first choice vote cast. candidate a g-205% ofb the votes% received 40%. and c received 35% of the boats. because no candidate received a majority, the candidate who received the fewest number of first choice votes, a candidate a, is eliminated from the race. voters to pick a candidate a as their first choice candidate will have their but transferred to their second choice. and the voters to pick and a, 15% chose candidate b as their second choice, and 10% chose c as their second choice. these votes are then applied to b and c, and the votes are recounted. candidate b now has 55% of the votes. candidate c as 45%. candidate b has more than 50% of the votes and is determined as the winner. >> thank you for watching. we hope you have ranked choice learned ranked choice of voting and was elected. you have seen the ballot, learned how to market, and learned how the vo
Sep 3, 2011 8:30am PDT
along many outstanding candidates to lead us over the next several years. >> over the past several months when this issue has come up, it had been agonizing. the board has been put into a difficult situation. there are a lot of differences of opinion on how to run the city, how to mass make a decision, who should be in place, 11 people to agree on that is a challenging thing. i think we have done the best we can do in the process, considering the difference of opinions. >> the people of san francisco can now choose their mayor, the direction they want to go. that is why this decision was so appropriate. >> the other big shock is that the moderates seem to have won this round. people thought, progressives have themselves on the board. there is no reason that they will not get together and take a noted leader who is a progressive to be interim mayor, and then stayed there for another term. the great thing about being in term mayor is to get to run as an incumbent. the fact that the progressives could not get together to get somebody into office as interim mayor in their own self-inte
Sep 7, 2011 9:00am PDT
:00. arts in the tenderloin continue to flourish. and anita just came. thank you for shepherding us through the process. without your help, we could not have done this. >> as you all know, the german marshall fund vehicle very kind to provide us with this -- has been very kind to provided us with this opportunity to have four of their european experts in bicycle planning, bicycle implementation and bicycle programs and they are experts on all aspects of the bicycle. and here in san francisco, you know, we are at this point trying to after a hiatus of three years because of court-ordered injunctions trying to implement our bike plan. so we all a collective goal, i believe, to increase the environmental and nick sustainability of the world around us that we participate in and especially in san francisco, but we do have a special responsibility because this place provides us with the opportunity that most other places don't. the geometry and geography of san francisco is up that it is easier for us being in a city of short trips to veil ourselves to other alternatives to the car. so when we wa
Sep 15, 2011 4:00pm PDT
will learn what it is and who is elected using this voting method. we will also talk about with the ranked joyce l. looks like and how to market correctly. finally, we will see how the ranked joyce voting process works and to you an example of an election using ranked choice of voting. so, what is ranked joyce voting? in march 2002 san francisco voters adopted a charter to implement ranked choice of voting, also known as instant runoff voting. san francisco voters will use it to elect most local officials by selecting a first choice candidate in the first column on the ballot and deborah second and third choice candidates in the second and third columns resect to do -- respectively. this makes it possible to elect local officials with the majority of votes. more than 50% without the need for a second runoff election. in san francisco, ranked choice of voting is for the election of members of the board of supervisors, the mayor, sharon, just -- district attorney, city attorney, treasurer, this is a recorder, and public defender. ranked joyce voting does not apply to elections for local scho
Sep 23, 2011 6:00am PDT
at this hour. u.s. federal bureau of investigation acts made an arrest in a high-profile cyber crime. the suspect is accused of gaining access to computers at an american subsidiary of sony corporation. investigators say he's part of an international hacking group. fbi agents arrested 23 -year-old arizona resident cody kretsinger on thursday. kretsinger is charged with hacking into computers at sony pictures entertainment in june. the fbi says he's a member of lulz, the group which claimed involvement in the cyber attack. more than 37,000 customers of sony pictures had their private information stolen. authorities say kretsinger downloaded the data and gave it to other members of lulz. sony company faced a series of cyber attacked since april. in once case hackers stole the information of 77 million online users from the firm's playstation division. >>> friday is a symbolic day for the palestinians. they fought for decades to have their fractured territory called a country. now their leader is going to make a request for the united nations to grant palestine statehood. president mahm
Sep 22, 2011 2:30pm PDT
the group behind the attack on the u.s. embassy in kabul is parts of pakistan security services. -- part of pakistan security services. and reaching nirvana. the legendary rock band is still sound and strong. >> welcome to our viewers. market watchers watched market plummet worldwide. in the u.s., the dow closed nearly 400 points down. the international monetary fund warned that the chances of a global economic recovery are narrower now than in any time in the last three years. our chief correspondent reports. >> share prices have plunged. investors looking at the major economies do not like what they see. >> there is a political crisis, a financial crisis, a banking crisis. >> the numbers coming out of the euro zone over the last few months have been deteriorating. >> households, consumers, and businesses on both sides of the atlantic have been dealt a poor hand years about jobs and livelihoods. ben bernanke and john cliche -- and the head of the european central bank have taken actions. there are significant downside risks. the markets did not like the sound of that. there are real con
Sep 22, 2011 5:00pm PDT
the codes we have to go by. not us. as to safety, we are not structural engineers. this is the department of building inspection. they are the ones who have to deal with structural integrity, as they do with any building application. as to the fact that you can get cell phone coverage, please understand the vast majority of you is not your telephone were my telephone. this is about data transmission. that is pushing the need. i would ask the project sponsor if they can explain the need for this and how this place was actually chosen by a little bit more detail. and my also explain -- and i think everyone understands this. >> one second here, to get -- thank you, commissioner miguel, the wireless -- wireless indications guideline provides seven different issues, and they read them according to 1-7. number one, the publicly used structures, for the location sites, with the industrial structure. and there is a preference for the industrial structures with six as the limited preference. these are predominately residential. and we established the coverage gap, we are ge
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